‘diverso’ it’s since 2015 our name was ‘drleotards’. During these years we had time to know our community better, we had time to think, to do so we evolved !⠀
After a long rebrand we gave a new image and new name, the only one that could represent our new story, that could represent what we have to tell but with the same soul. The only word that could fit us it’s DIVERSO.

How it all began


We are an Italian brand founded in 2015, to dress professional dancers, kids, adults and ballet amateurs, with elegance and refinement. Our company handpicks the finest materials to ensure quality and comfort in each item. All of our products are lined and made using only hypoallergenic material. Each item of our brand is handmade by expert Italian tailors, ensuring that the high standard of ‘diverso’ is achieved.

Once an item is made it is carefully checked for any flaws to make sure it meets our high standards. We are pushing the boundaries with design and manufacturing, so that ‘diverso’ always provides the best garments without losing the passion of traditional italian tailoring. The meticulous care to every detail during the manufacturing process creates the high quality of this brand.

‘diverso’ provides the opportunity for you to design a personalised product. Our designers are happy to create a design uniquely for you that is made to measure. 

Quality, professionalism, customisation, precision and made in Italy.

These are the keywords that give ‘diverso’ its identity.

Above all, ‘diverso’ is the first ballet brand using italian hi-tech recycled lycra by 80% from plastics.

to make art everyday.

— We Are All Diverso —